ET • Shadelite

The design was inspired by Tina Aghassian, senior designer of Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, an internationally acclaimed lighting design firm.   Initially this light was created for a leading software company in Redmond, Washington.  Shadelite is a continuation of the ET (Electric Trees) luminare sculpture series.  Shadelite is constructed with a metallic mesh that wraps around a tubular light column.  The column is supported by a fluted satin aluminum power trunk.

ET consists of three key structural assemblies; the base structure and cover, the power trunk and the head.  The base structure and cover is designed to house electrical components.  The power trunk can extend as much as 20 feet high. The shade was engineered to smoothly slide down vertical fluted rails along the power trunk to access the lamps.

Image of Shadelite
The Art and Science of Light.
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